Brass Greek Cuirass with Greek Corinthian Helmet Apron Belt Red Plume - BJT0EP16X

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  • ✔️★GREEK MUSCLE ARMOUR CUIRASS: Our Brands Cuirasses were cast in two pieces, the front and the back, then hammered. All our Cuirasses are designed to mimic an idealized human physique. the muscle cuirass is shorter, covering less of the abdomen, and more nipped at the waist. They were inspired by a development from the early Archaic bell-shaped cuirass, weighing about 12-18 pounds approx.

  • ✔️★CORINTHIAN MUSCLE ARMOUR CUIRASS:The armor costume or muscle armor cuirass of ours an amazing and everything is handmade by our blacksmiths. This armour is made from fine metal materials and features a truly impressive looking polished Brass Finish. This Brass Muscle Armour is a great representation of the an armour that not only provides more than adequate protection but also serves to enhance the appearance of its wearer.

  • ✔️★MEDIEVAL TIMES : All our Armour are Suitable for the LARP, SCA, Fantasy Events, Renaissance Faire, Comic Con, Halloween Cosplay Parties, Even for Daily Use. Get Ready to Become a Viking in the Live Action Role Playing Game! And more for the decoration in your home, office or showroom.

  • ✔️★ MAKING OF ARMOUR : It is a very strong material, but very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It will not split or crack under normal use or become brittle with age. All edges are smooth and there are no sharp parts, so it is safe to use in any Larp system.

  • ✔️★MEDIEVAL COSTUME : Although the heavy muscle cuirass would have afforded sturdy protection, in practical terms it might have been too cumbersome, not to mention cost prohibitive, for regular use by an infantryman. The main purpose of the highly figured cuirass was to impress, and it was likely reserved for military reviews and parades.

  • Made from 18 gauge Brass finish Greek Muscle Armor with Greek Corinthian Helmet Halloween Costume. Leather apron belt with brass accents, helmet with red plume completely wearable 120 cm chest size

    Brass Greek Cuirass with Greek Corinthian Helmet Apron Belt Red Plume - BJT0EP16X