FUFU Children's Outdoor Bicycle with Mudguard and Stand Suitable for Boys and Girls Aged 7-14 Color : Pink Size : 18in - BULDCIOWP

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  • Material: The children's bicycle is made of high-quality carbon steel and environmentally friendly plastics, ensuring the durability and safety of the bicycle.

  • Features: High elastic shock absorber, not afraid of bumps, to ensure a more comfortable ride.

  • Advantages: Increased design, large shoe sole contact area, increased friction, flexible rotation, and strong durability.

  • Safety protection: the easy-to-use rear wheel brake and front hand brake are very suitable for beginners, while the removable training wheel adds stability and makes people feel at ease.

  • Easy to install: The children's bicycle has 95% of the assembly and basic assembly tools, and only needs simple assembly to use.

  • The design of the bicycle takes into account the style. The details are what makes this bike unique. All combinations of these features make up a cool bike. Don't forget that bright colors will definitely please any child's taste.

    About us:
    With this bike, the children can leave an impression.
    We believe that cycling is the first step in children's freedom and independence.
    As parents, we know what is important for a good bike: quality, functionality, safety, design and high value retention.
    That's why we produce lightweight and beautiful children's bicycles.

    Detachable support wheels, including
    Very stable steel frame with deep and impact resistant multilayer coating
    Balanced auxiliary wheels, enhanced by gravity, in line with national safety standards
    ISO sealed bottom bracket with square and alloy bearings
    German certified non-toxic safety fixture
    Fully enclosed chain box
    Child-friendly brake lever with comfortable adjustment

    Scope of supply:
    Pre-assembled 9 5%, final assembly takes at least 25 minutes
    Detailed and graphical assembly instructions and instructions for use, including. Includes tools!

    How do you choose the right bike for your child?

    18 inches for children, height 43" - 59", age 7-13 years old.
    20 inches for children, height 47" - 65", age 9-14 years old.

    You can find the right brackets and other accessories in our store.
    If you have any questions about the assembly or product, please feel free to contact customer service.

    As an expert in the primary vehicle, we know exactly what is important detail. Believe in our innovation and proven quality.

    FUFU Children's Outdoor Bicycle with Mudguard and Stand Suitable for Boys and Girls Aged 7-14 Color : Pink Size : 18in - BULDCIOWP