Tidy Turtle Art Smock - BCF227LUD

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  • Extra soft and breathable fabric keeps your child's clothing clean and dry from top to bottom

  • Full length arms for total sleeve protection

  • Guaranteed to stay waterproof, soft and comfortable wash after wash

  • Comfortable elasticized wrist for adjustable sleeve length

  • Tidy Turtle's waterproof arts and craft smock offers full body protection for all those fun and messy activities. Features unique Spill Block protection for those creative little minds all without the worry of getting dirty or wet clothes. Strong enough to withstand machine washing yet will stay soft and comfortable. Velcro fastening for ease of fitting. Full length arms for total adjustable sleeve protection. Fits children from ages 2-7. Guaranteed for as long as your child need it, or we'll replace it for free! (domestic use only)

    Tidy Turtle Art Smock - BCF227LUD